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Did you know?

That if you have an above Ground Pool or  Inflatable Pool, the walls of the pool shall NOT be considered an effective child-resistant barrier.

Pre-Purchase Swimming Pool Inspections

Did you know building inspections do not include a report on the condition of the swimming pool.

A pre-purchase pool inspection by NSW Swimming Pool Safety Inspections gives you a complete and detailed report on the condition of the pool on any property you may be thinking of purchasing.

A thorough and professional pool inspection requires specialised equipment and a licensed pool builder and we have extensive experience in performing in-ground, above ground and commercial pool inspections for potential owners.

After performing a full leak test we can provide you with a detailed report on the state and condition of the pool – a small fee for peace of mind.

The pre-purchase pool inspection includes a full leak test and all equipment and surrounds. The swimming pool inspection evaluates the existing condition. We identify items that need repair to make the pool operational, safe and reasonable to maintain. We also note the condition of the fence, gates, walkway, pool perimeter, deck, rails, coping, lighting, and other items of possible concerns. We can make recommendations to comply with the Australian safety standards.

Our report details our professionals evaluation and provides the buyer with valuable information about the condition of the swimming pool and surrounds.

On request our licensed and professional staff can submit a quotation for any repairs if required.

Costs of Inspections are $450.00 inc GST.

We cover all of the Sydney metropolitan area and other locations on request, please use the contact form to get in touch.

Sydney Councils – Swimming Pool Guidelines

Several councils have produced guidance publications that will assist pool owners to understand the requirements of the legislation. Some examples may be found by following the links below:


Pool Re-inspections

If I need a second inspection, do I need to use the first inspector to carry out repairs and or to report on the repairs made?

Yes. The Pool Fence Inspector is legally bound to re inspect the pool fence after repairs are carried out as is the Pool Owner – you are both bound to use the same Pool fence inspector.

How long is a compliance certificate valid?

A compliance certificate is valid for a period of three years, unless a subsequent inspection finds the pool to be non-compliant.

Who will need a current compliance certificate?

All tourist, visitor and multi-occupancy developments (such as hotels, caravan parks and residential unit blocks).

Also pools on private properties that are for sale or lease after 29 April 2014.

What does a ‘self-assessment’ entail?

You will use a simple checklist to self-assess if your pool fence meets the appropriate Australian Standards.

Do I need to fence (install a child-resistance barrier for) my spa?

You need to fence your spa pool if it is not covered and secured by a lockable child-safe structure (such as a door, lid, grille or mesh).

Does my portable pool need to be fenced?


By definition, a portable pool is a swimming pool and is required to be fenced (child-resistant barrier). The fence/barrier has to meet the requirements of Standard AS 1926-1 (Building Code of Australia).

Who is responsible for pool safety?

While the Government provides the legislative framework to ensure a high standard of private pool barrier fencing, ultimate responsibility for pool safety lies with pool owner/s to ensure that their pool barriers comply with the prescribed standard, and with parents and carers of young children to ensure that they are adequately supervised around pools at all times.